Interface CaptionEstimator

All Known Implementing Classes:
InterCoverageCaptionEstimator, NaiveCaptionEstimator

public interface CaptionEstimator

The responsiblity of classes that implement this interface is to estimate captions that have no time-stamp after the Recognition and Alignment phases of the AutoCap process. The estimation of untime-stamped captions is important because each caption must have a time-stamp in order to create a usable caption file. These estimations are based on the assumption that there are recognized segments of the media file before and after each segment except for the first and last captions.

Two classes implement the CaptionEstimator interface, NaiveCaptionEstimator and InterCoverageCaptionEstimator. As its name implies, this technique is quite naive and very inaccurate. The NaiveCaptionEstimator is included only for research purposes because another technique, the inter- coverage caption estimator technique, performs much better and creates much more accurate time stamps than this technique.

Allan Knight
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Method Summary
 Transcript completeTranscriptTimes(Transcript t)
          This method performs the caption estimation for a given transcript.

Method Detail


Transcript completeTranscriptTimes(Transcript t)

This method performs the caption estimation for a given transcript. Each caption of the transcript is investigate, if the first word of the caption has a time-stamp, then no estimation is performed. Otherwise, the time- stamp for the caption is estimated as specified in the class documentation.

t - The Transcript for which the estimation technique will be applied.
A Transcript with all captions time-stamped.