MControl v1.1b Installation Instructions

(Short Version)

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the file, ungzip it, untar it. Add the mcontrol directory to your path.

  2. Make sure the following tools are on your system and in your path: vic, vat (or rat), java JDK 1.1 (must be 1.1.6 or higher) or java JDK 1.2 (or jre 1.1 or jre 1.2), rtpdump and rtpplay.

  3. To invoke mcontrol:

    mcontrol [-s] [-a Audio Addr/Port/TTL] [-v Video Addr/Port/TTL] [RtpAudioFile] [RtpVideoFile]

    To buffer a live MBone session, you will need to enter the audio and/or video multicast IP address and port number. This can be done with the -a and -v options or with the MControl menu window. TTL can be entered here but a TTL of 1 is always used.

    To play back an existing rtpdump file, specify the audio and video file name on the command line, or click the "Existing Rtpdump Files" option on the MControl menu window and use the "Find File" buttons to specify your files.

    The -s option is for "Server Mode". This allows you to specify the address/port/ttl for the audio and video file playback, allowing MControl to be used as a playback server. The audio and video tools will automatically be suppressed (not launched) by default. For example, to start an audio server playback only:

          mcontrol -s -a audiofile

    To start an audio and video server playback:

          mcontrol -s -a -v audiofile videofile

  4. In order to make MControl easiest to use, you can include a button on your MBone sdr tool to invoke MControl.

    If you are an sdr user, you will have a .sdr directory in your home directory. If you don't have an sdr.tcl file in that directory, move MControl's sdr.tcl file to your .sdr directory. If you do, append or copy the sdr.tcl file that comes with MControl to your existing sdr.tcl file.

    The next time you run sdr you will have a new button on the session info window to start MControl. You pull up the session info window by left clicking on a session. Use the "Join w/MControl" button to join that session with MControl started.

MControl v1.1b
Written by David Makofske ( and Kevin C. Almeroth (

Based on ideas from K. Almeroth and M. Ammar, "On the Use of Multicast Delivery to Provide a Scalable and Interactive Video-on-Demand Service", Journal on Selected Areas of Communication (JSAC), August 1996. Available at

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