Download Mhealth v1.0

IMPORTANT: MHealth version 1.0 is still a work in progress. Some features may not be fully implemented yet.
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MHealth ReadMe files:

Download Mhealth 1.0:

Download Source Code

The source code for MHealth is now available. The authors encourage others to enhance and expand MHealth and release those enhancements to the public domain. Click here to see the license and warranty info.

Download MHealth source code (78K--gzipped tar file) - Updated February 26th, 2000.

Installation Instructions

  1. Unzip and extract the tar file in the desired installation directory. This will create a new subdirectory called mhealth:
    % gunzip mhealth.v1.0.tar.gz
    % tar xvf mhealth.v1.0.tar

  2. You will now have an mhealth directory under your current directory. Add the path of this directory to your path environment variable, or you may specify the full pathname to the mhealth directory.
    Also ensure you have mtrace and either the java or jre executables in your path.

  3. To start mhealth with a multicast group:
    % mhealth

    To start mhealth without a multicast group:
    % mhealth