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Packages that use ActivityEvaluator
mwalk.core Provides the core components of mwalk
mwalk.eval Provides path and receiver activity evaluators
mwalk.visitor Provides standard collection of vistiors

Uses of ActivityEvaluator in mwalk.core

Methods in mwalk.core with parameters of type ActivityEvaluator
 TreeNode[] TreeNode.getActiveChildren(ActivityEvaluator eval)
 TreeNode[] TreeNode.getActiveChildren(ActivityEvaluator eval, long time)
 Link[] TreeNode.getActiveLinks(ActivityEvaluator eval)
 Link[] TreeNode.getActiveLinks(ActivityEvaluator eval, long time)
protected  java.util.Vector TreeNode.getActiveList(ActivityEvaluator eval, long time)

Uses of ActivityEvaluator in mwalk.eval

Subclasses of ActivityEvaluator in mwalk.eval
 class ArrivalEvaluator
          A class used by visitors to determine whether a receiver is active by checking the current time against the receiver's arrival time.
 class PrimaryPathEvaluator
          A class used to evaluate active paths as those set by the PrimaryPathVisitor.
 class RandomEvaluator
          A class used by visitors to determine whether a receiver is active by checking markings made by the ReceiverRandomizer and RandomPathVisitor classes.

Uses of ActivityEvaluator in mwalk.visitor

Fields in mwalk.visitor declared as ActivityEvaluator
protected  ActivityEvaluator AbstractVisitor.eval
          Evaluator used to determine activity when walking

Methods in mwalk.visitor that return ActivityEvaluator
 ActivityEvaluator AbstractVisitor.evaluator()
          Return the current activity evaluator.
 ActivityEvaluator Visitor.evaluator()
          Return the current activity evaluator.

Methods in mwalk.visitor with parameters of type ActivityEvaluator
 void AbstractVisitor.evaluator(ActivityEvaluator eval)
          Set the current activity evaluator.
 void Visitor.evaluator(ActivityEvaluator eval)
          Set the current activity evaluator.

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