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mwalk.visitor Provides standard collection of vistiors

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 class BasicMetricVisitor
          A basic implementation of a visitor that gathers metric data and saves it out to a file.
 class DegreeCountVisitor
          A visitor used to count the degree of each node along the active tree.
 class ExportVisitor
          A visitor that exports an ascii representation of the current tree.
 class GatewayMetricVisitor
          An extension to the basic metric visitor which considers gateways as the receivers.
 class LinkCountVisitor
          A visitor used to count the number of links for each receiver along the active tree.
 class MetricVisitor
          Abstract base class defining the looping behavior of most metric visitors.
 class UpathMetricVisitor
          An implementation of a visitor that gathers metric data, but uses real unicast path lengths in calculations rather than assuming multicast paths equate to unicast paths.
 class VisualVisitor
          A visitor that outputs a data set that can be used to visualize the tree.

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