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The parse action of mwalk runs the perl script. takes raw RTCP and mtrace logs from MHealth or and produces conditioned logs which can be read by Builder. The logs are broken out into separate files for each receiver named with the receiver's IP address. Two lists of receivers are generated, one for receivers with valid mtraces and without, and a statistics file is created which logs the start end end times of the session as determined from the timestamps.

The conditioned RTCP logs contain intervals in which the receiver was known to be active. Bounding these intervals can be tricky since not all receivers send explicit BYE messages. For these cases, a timeout value can be supplied that closes active intervals if RTCP packets had not been received for the specified amount of time.

To run the parse action, use the syntax listed below. If you want to generate conditioned logs for Builder, you mmust include the --output_rtcp and/or the --output_mtrace options. Otherwise, general statistics will be gathered and you have the option of building the trace list in memory (--build) that can then be queried interactively (--interactive). The default timeout is 240 seconds.
    Usage: mwalk parse [-i|--interactive] [-v|--verbose] 
                       [-r|--rtcp=] [-or|--output_rtcp]
                       [-m|--mtrace=] [-om|--output_mtrace]
                       [-s|--stats=] [-d|--dir=] 
                       [-t|--timeout=] [-f|--fussy]
                       [-a|--append] [-b|--build] [-h|--help]
      -i  --interactive    run in an interactive mode
      -v  --verbose        print verbose messages
      -l  --log            generate processing logs
      -r  --rtcp           source rtcp log to parse
      -or --output_rtcp    output parsed rtcp files
      -m  --mtrace         source mtrace log to parse
      -om --output_mtrace  output parsed mtrace files
      -s  --stats          generate statistics log [stats]
      -d  --dir            output directory [.]
      -t  --timeout        seconds to distinguish between rtcp intervals [240s]
      -f  --fussy          use strict parsing
      -a  --append         append to existing log files
      -b  --build          accumulate traces in memory
      -h  --help           print this message
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