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Packages that use DegreeCount
mwalk.util Provides utility classes for mwalk
mwalk.visitor Provides standard collection of vistiors

Uses of DegreeCount in mwalk.util

Methods in mwalk.util with parameters of type DegreeCount
 void DegreeCount.add(DegreeCount count)
          Add a degree count to a running total.
 void DegreeCount.addReceivers(DegreeCount count)
          Add just the number of downstream receivers to a running total.

Uses of DegreeCount in mwalk.visitor

Methods in mwalk.visitor with parameters of type DegreeCount
protected  void DegreeCountVisitor.printData(Tree tree, TreeNode node, DegreeCount count)
          Print a single line of data for a node.

mwalk Platform 0.3.0

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